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At our Airdrie clinic we strive to deliver exceptional  chiropractic care, which is individualized to your unique needs and grounded in evidence. By combining multiple services such as chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and rehabilitation techniques our goal is to get you back to doing what you love, and empowering you to take control of your body. 


Adjustments are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about chiropractic, but what is actually happening?  A joint manipulation (also called an “adjustment”) is a safe, highly skilled procedure, in which the chiropractor will use their hands to apply a controlled force quickly to a joint(s) guiding it through a normal range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments are used to restore joint motion, alleviate pain and improve the function of the joint and surrounding tissue.  Oftentimes with this procedure, the patient may hear a “cracking” or “popping” sound that is caused by pressure changes within the joint causing dissolved gases to form bubbles which pop - NO this isn’t bones crunching or going back into place!  While chiropractic adjustments are a very safe procedure, they are not indicated for all patients.  A thorough history and physical examination will determine whether you are a good candidate for an adjustment. Alternative treatments such as joint mobilizations can be offered in situations where chiropractic adjustments are contraindicated or don't align with patient preferences.


Chiropractic Adjustment in Airdire Alberta
chiropractic soft tissue therapy in Airdrie Alberta

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapies are a large part of my chiropractic treatments. These are therapies which are designed to address the "soft" tissues throughout the body including muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia while traditional chiropractic treatments or adjustments focus on bones and more specifically joints.  The goal of soft tissue therapy is to reduce muscle tension, reduce pain, and improve the overall function of the affected tissue(s) and are a fantastic adjunct to chiropractic adjustments as they help to address tissues which can be causing or are in reaction to joint pain or restrictions.


There are several soft tissue treatment techniques that may be used during your treatment at our Airdrie clinic  including but not limited to; active release, pin and stretch, trigger point therapy, cupping, assisted stretching, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.


Rehab exercises have a huge role in my chiropractic practice and are integrated into most treatment plans. These exercises are personalized to your unique needs and are designed to help you achieve your treatment goals and create LONG LASTING results. 

Initially these exercises may be focused on alleviating pain and restoring range of motion following an injury as we aim to get you out of pain and back to activity. Long-term these exercises are designed to address your unique presentation and functional limitations and ultimately help you get stronger and more resilient to withstand the demands of life or the sport/activities you love.
Your treatment plan and rehabilitation program is always personalized to meet your individual goals, whether they be rehabilitation from injury, prevention of injury, optimizing health, or enhancing performance. 

Chiropractic rehabilitation and exercise in Airdrie Alberta
chiropractic care helping athletes perform in Airdrie Alberta

Optimal Performance Care

While we love helping you bounce back from injury, our true passion is helping you perform at your absolute best. Identifying stiff or restricted joints, tight or weak muscles, and identifying movement dysfunctions are keys to help prevent injuries and help your body to perform like you need it to in your sport or activity.  Just like you don't wait for your car to break down to get it in for maintenance, you shouldn't wait for pain or injury to get in and have your body checked out. Whether you are looking to add an edge to your performance, or simply continue doing the things you love without your body holding you back chiropractic care at our Airdrie office has you covered. 


Patient education is an imperative aspect of every treatment plan. Research has demonstrated that providing individuals with education regarding their condition or injury results in better outcomes for patients, including less feelings of fear related to their pain experience and increased feelings of control over their health.Education will typically include topics, including but not limited to, the mechanism or cause of your injury, the likely outcome or anticipated response of your injury based on the recommended treatment plan, as well as ways in which you can help to manage your pain or injury such as activity modifications and nutritional advice.

Chiropractor educating patients on wellness in Airdrie Alberta
Chiropractor helping patient self manage their injury in Airdrie Alberta
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Self-Management Strategies

Empowering patients with self-management strategies is a huge aim of my practice. Prognosis is greatly improved when you leave my office with a better understanding of your condition and what you can be doing to help manage symptoms on your own. This can include things such as positions for relief, pain management techniques, etc to help encourage you to become an active participant in your health and recovery.

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