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Conditions We Treat

Often times people will refer to chiropractors as "spinal specialists" however a more accurate term might be "conservative care specialists" or "neuromusculoskeletal specialists" meaning we specialize in conservative (non-invasive) management of conditions affecting muscles, bones, ligaments and nerves THROUGHOUT the body (not just the spine!).

Neck pain photo
Neck Pain

Neck pain related to work or school postures, sleep, or following trauma such as whiplash from a car accident

shoulder pain photo

Shoulder and Elbow Pain

rotator cuff injuries, AC sprains,  tennis elbow

hockey photo

Sports Related Injuries

Injuries sustained from sports or activities which might be impacting your ability to perform at your best

headache photo


Oftentimes muscle tension or irritated joints in your neck contribute to or cause headaches which chiropractors are specially trained to diagnose and treat

wrist pain and carpal tunnel photo

Wrist and Hand Pain

Carpal tunnel, wrist sprains and strains, hand and finger pain

jaw pain photo

Jaw Pain (TMJ)

Pain, tension, or clicking in the jaw

back pain and sciatica photo

Back Pain and Sciatica

Muscle, joint and disc injuries, sciatica, lifting injuries

knee pain photo

Leg, ankle and foot pain

Plantar fasciitis, running-related injuries, hip pain or tightness, patellofemoral pain, ankle sprains

weightlifting photo

Optimal Performance Care

Maybe you don't have pain or a specific injury and just want to help your body performing and feeling its best

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